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Art Wise

Q  I am a first time buyer of art.  Where do I start?
  A good place to start would be visits to art galleries and art websites. Through these visits, aim to get exposed to various styles and mediums of the various artists! Over a period of time, you will develop your own taste and conclusions in appraising an artwork. On Artchutney.com's website, start with reviewing the Top Ten picks of the month as it showcases works across a wide range of artists, prices, mediums and styles and is updated on the 1st of every month. Please also visit the Scoop and Explore sections which are more educative in content.

Q  Aesthetics of an artwork is relative.  How can I know a good artwork from not such a good artwork?
  Generally the more time you spend and expose yourself to art, you will come to an understanding to draw your own conclusion. There are, however, a few basic steps Artchutney.com can advise on selecting a good artwork. First and foremost, you must like the artwork you want to buy. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Second, assess the skill and technique of the artist. Third, quality art is more than just an image. An artwork that speaks to you with an ability to invoke an emotion would definitely get more eyeballs than others.  Last but not the least, a good artwork is usually unique. It will stand out in the crowd without distracting you. Artchutney.com offers an advisory role in the selection of quality art.
For more details, please visit the Advisory section of the website.

Q  How can I get an artwork evaluated,  authenticated, or appraised?
  Archutney.com can have your artwork evaluated, authenticated or appraised. A fee will be charged for this service.
All artworks purchased from Artchutney.com come standard with an authenticity certificate.

Q  What type of artwork does Artchutney.com exhibit?
  Artchutney.com exhibits Indian contemporary art created by artists from across the country.

Q  Does Artchutney.com have a physical gallery location?
  Artchutney.com does not have a physical gallery location at present. However, we plan on having one in the future.
For more information on the proposed gallery, please visit the Fluid Space section of the website.

Q  Since Artchutney.com does not have a physical gallery location, how can I view a work/ works of art in person?
The selected artwork/s can be viewed at Artchutney’s office premises through an appointment.   Please call 91 80 41137912/ 41137506 to schedule an appointment.  Artchutney.com also offers a free service where selected artworks can be viewed in the comfort of your home/office before purchasing the same. This service is only available in Bangalore as of now. Some conditions may apply.

Q  Does Artchutney.com participate in art fairs and put on temporary shows?
  Artchutney.com does participate in art fairs and has several temporary group and solo shows as part of its art calendar. If you would like more information about Artchutney.com's next event, please sign up on the home page for our newsletter.

Q  How is art priced by Artchutney.com?
  Artwork is priced using artist's input and the extensive database of pricing information available with Artchutney.com.
Artchutney.com takes pride in its ability to fairly and accurately price art.

Q  What are the taxes on purchase of art?
  For domestic orders, VAT of 12.5% will be charged extra.  For export orders, there are no taxes.

Q  What forms of payment does Artchutney.com accept?
  Artchutney.com accepts cash, personal cheques, and all credit cards as forms of payment.

Q  Does Artchutney.com offer payment in easy installments?
  Artchutney.com offers interest free payment in easy installments. To avail the installment plan, 50% of the total value of the order (including taxes) must be paid before shipment. The remaining 50% can be paid in equal installments upto a maximum of 4 installments. Some conditions may apply. 

Q  Can the artwork be delivered to my doorstep?
  Artchutney.com can deliver artworks to your door step. The cost of shipping/handling & insurance will be extra and based on actuals. This additional cost would have to be borne by the buyer. 

Q  How is the cost of shipping calculated?
  Shipping charges are based on actuals and based on packing materials and box needed to safely transport your art, and standard Gati/ Blue Dart shipping rates. Shipping rates are generally based on the size of the package and the distance of the shipment. Artchutney.com does not make any money on packaging and shipping. We are constantly working to provide you with the most reliable and affordable options in the shipment of your art. 

Q  Are all shipments insured?
  Artwork shipments are not insured. However, you may request for insurance at an additional cost and on actuals.

Q  Does Artchutney.com undertake international deliveries?
  Yes, Artchutney.com is happy to ship artwork to any destination in the world. The cost of packaging, shipping/handling, insurance and duties are extra and based on actuals and would have to be borne by the buyer. Delivery cost would differ based on the size/weight of the artwork and the destination being delivered to. 

Q  What should I do if I receive a damaged piece of art?
If an artwork/ artworks is received in damaged condition, the buyer may claim a refund or a credit note.  Proof of damage must be provided before a refund/ credit note is processed. Refunds/ credit notes will only be entertained if proof is provided within 2 days of receipt of the artwork/ artworks.  Shipping/handling charges are not refundable.

Q  I am an artist. How can I exhibit my work on Artchutney.com?
Artchutney.com invites all emerging artists living in India to apply. You do not need any previous gallery experience. In fact, we are excited to offer artists their first gallery exposure. Please email your biography, a few images of your art and contact information to help@artchutney.com

Q  What measures does Artchutney.com take to promote an artist?
  Artchutney.com is committed to your art career. The commission we earn is put into public relations and marketing campaigns, and promotional materials. We market your work at art fairs, special exhibitions, and through print and online advertising. Artchutney.com gets your name and your artwork exposed to the global art market.

Q  What happens if an artist sells a piece of art independently that he/ she currently has exhibited at Artchutney.com?
  The artist will be in breach of contract and the artist's affiliation with Artchutney.com will be terminated immediately. This action is potentially damaging to your reputation and to Artchutney.com. Our ability to successfully promote emerging artists relies heavily on the artist's integrity. Your patrons trust you; do not disappoint them.

Investment Wise

Q  Is art an asset class?
  Worldwide, art is gaining importance as an asset class.

Q  How can I evaluate the monetary value of an artwork, considering there is so much of discrepancy in the prices of artworks?
A  It is difficult to determine the exact monetary value of an artwork since emotions and art have a strong connect.
There are, however, basic rules one can follow to arrive at an approximate value.

a.  Education: Graduate artist/s from well established art institutions will command a premium over artists who are
       self-taught or from other types of institutions.

b.  Artist: A well established artist will command a higher price than an upcoming one.

c.  Size: The larger the size of the artwork, the more the price.

d.  Medium: Generally, oils command a premium over other mediums.

e.  Technique: Unique technique will command a premium over other techniques.
       Please note, these rules do not apply to every artist. There are exceptions.

Q  Is the artwork on Artchutney.com a financial investment?
  Archutney.com encourages art lovers to purchase artwork for enjoyment and aesthetic values. However, art can be a financial investment as the demand for a particular artist and/or piece of artwork grows.
For more information on art as an investment, Google the topic.

Q  What is the average appreciation on art?
  Rates of appreciation vary with every artwork/ artist. In some cases, there may not be any appreciation at all as there are risks with every investment.

Q  Does Artchutney.com guarantee a rate of return on the art purchased from them?
  Artchutney.com guarantees a 10% rate of return on the art purchased from its website only. 
The guarantee does not apply to the temporary shows/ exhibits Artchutney.com puts up. The rate of return is guaranteed only for one year from the date of purchase. On completion of one year, if you would like to avail the return on your investment, Artchutney will buy back the artwork at 110% of its original value. 50% of the value will be paid back to you in the form of a cheque. For 60% of the remaining value, a credit note will be issued. You may use the same for purchase on Artchutney.com's website. 
To avail this guarantee, you must send an e-mail to help@artchutney.com within 7 days of completing a year of purchase.
Some conditions may apply.