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About Artchutney

Artchutney.com - Your Art Guide

Payment in easy installments, well researched prices, auction data and growth indexes (The growth index graphically depicts growth in per square inch pricing of an artist based on the most recent sale. The graph is based on documented evidence available through sales data.)

A collection of work that is diverse, catering to specific requirements and aesthetic preferences.

A growing online community dedicated towards creating a rich resource for artists & art lovers. Artchutney.com strives to keep you constantly stimulated.

Artchutney.com assures the quality and authenticity of artwork, and makes detailed information of both the artist and the artwork available to you.

Artchutney.com understands that each person is unique and their needs special. We provide impeccable service to all our stakeholders including artists, individual collectors, corporate entities and sponsors.

*Artchutney.com Disclaimer – Buy only what you like.

Team Artchutney

Raj BagariaRaj Bagaria


Raj grew up in a family where he was surrounded by art from a very young age. So it come as no surprise to find him marrying two things he truly loves –art + investments.

Raj’s stint at Arthur Anderson, Chicago did more than just teach him the tricks of the trade. His numerous walks home from work saw him stop over at The Art Institute of Chicago where he saw some truly spectacular and inspiring pieces of art from the Renaissance era. These visits became a regular feature and firmed his belief that he wanted to do something that dealt with art. On his return from the US, in the year 2000, Raj bought his first piece of art and started his own collection. His mother, Saroj Bagaria, a collector herself, with her impeccable taste plays a huge role in his foray into the world of art. Raj learnt to appreciate the finer nuances of art and understood what it truly means to be a collector, from her. The years since, have been spent perfecting the role of a collector, with the belief  that the years of experience in collecting art and the knowledge that comes from it, can prove to be invaluable and highly gainful for a business dealing with art.

Armed with a degree in BBA and a MBA, and a background in the financial market as an equity trader, one of Raj’s objectives with Artchutney is to promote art for its aesthetic value as well as an investment.

Raj can be contacted at: raj.bagaria@gmail.com


Ria RajanRia Rajan

Designer/Art Advisor

Ria has spent the last five years studying art and design and has recently graduated from Srishti School of Art Design and Technology.

While in college, she was drawn to the possibility of working with fabric and thus chose to specialize in Textiles. Not an easy choice given her varied interests that range from illustration, design research and methodologies, human interaction, and Art.

Art, according to her is way of life. It is an expression of an idea, in the quest of the ideal. And while some are more recognized forms than the others, each one is as deserving as the next. It takes an open mind, a desire to know and an insatiable curiosity to be able to see, understand and absorb the form and content that drives art.

A dreamer, a thinker, a traveler, a philosopher and at the core of it all, an idealist; she believes that passion, humor, hard work and a vivid imagination is what it takes to make the world go round. The following quote by Ogden Nash sums her up, aptly.

...I would live all my life in nonchalance and insouciance, Were it not for making a living, which is rather a nouciance…
Ria can be contacted at: ria.rajan@gmail.com